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Visited For Throat infections

I went with my dad who had throat problem. The doctor, after checking thoroughly, explained the cause of pain and possible reasons for the same. The medication she prescribed relieved the pain in couple of days and the ailment had started to heal. Having a follow up today (after two weeks). Happy to get proper advice and medication.

Jayaben Patel

Visited For Adenoidectomy

Doctor is courteous polite very child friendly cleared all doubts convincing overall excellent doctor.

Vishakha Badheka

Visited For Throat infections

I was suffering from a Nose Block Problem from past 2 years, consulted Dr. Binhi after visting multiple Doctors, Unlike few of Doctors who advised me to get operated instantly after seeing my conditon, Dr. Binhi Chose to put me on medicine instead and kept operation as last option (Something Even I Wanted)

During my medication I did get better with her prescription but after sometime since my body stopped responding to meds I decided to finally get operated.

I am in third week since my operation, it went well without any complications thanks to Dr. Binhi ..Now I am back to my normal life and finally able to Breath with no more blocked nose.

Extremely Grateful with Dr. Binhi's Consultaion and Support all this time, She explains everything in detail, Very Calm and Freindly, She even helped me finding a hospital where I got my operation done in much Economical Chrages.

I would recommend every user on Practo who are seeking ENT doc to visit her for once and see the difference yourself 🙂

Thank You so Much PRACTO, because of you I Could Find her, Keep Doing the Great Work Practo ..Cheers

Sachin suchak

Visited For Ear Wax (Cerumen) Removal

It was nice. Doctor was extremely courteous n kind. She was prompt to help me get the appointment n the treatment was perfect

Pranav Varde

Visited For Hearing Deficiency Assessment

Dr. Binhi assessed my Mom's hearing capabilities and diagnosed her with reduced hearing capability. She also helped us with appropriate hearing aid.

Since it was initial diagnosis my mom could not accept the same. However she explained her well and convinced her to use hearing aid. She is now got use to the hearing aid.

Thank you Dr. Binhi for being there.


Visited For Cold Cough

Empathy, Shared decision making, appropriate treatment and prevention. Dr. Binhi Desai has all these qualities. Highly recommend.

Devang Dharek

Visited For allergy symptoms

Very good experience. My allergy symptoms have reduced considerably with her treatment.
Doctor was very polite and explained things very clearly, was very informative.Would highly recommend to others.Thanks

Arjun Kadam

Visited For Hearing Loss

Many thanks for all the suggestions and explaining me my problem in detail and the process i have to go through . And also tysm for encouraging me to wear hearing aids.

Lalit Nishad