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A major depressive disorder is one of the commonest psychiatric diagnosis across the globe. The disorder can be further complicated by suicidal ideation. Nearly 30% of patient with depression are drug resistance i.e. they don't respond to the conventional method of treatment. The antidepressants medication can take three to four weeks for its therapeutic effect.

Ketamine Infusion is a very effective treatment in all such difficult cases of depression. It is gaining a lot of popularity all over the world and now there are enough studies available to prove it's effectiveness. Ketamine works directly on brain receptors producing antidepressant action within 24 hours. It is an effective, safe and not very expensive treatment for depression. As it provides immediate relief from symptoms, it is lifesaver treatment particularly for depressive patients with active suicidal ideation.

At our centre - Royal Consultancy, we have treated many patients with Ketamine infusion with very good results. It works well especially for Depression - all types, depression with suicidal ideation, bipolar depression. We have given ketamine infusion therapy to other psychiatric illness like anxiety disorder, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder. The therapy has also shown promising results in substance abuse disorder (alcohol, opioids etc) with varying efficiency from patient to patient, but some of them have shown excellent results. The therapy is also advocated for chronic pain, neuropathy etc.

Our centre is a pioneer in starting Ketamine Infusion therapy in India. We give infusion on an outpatient basis and no admission is required. The therapy period varies from patient to patient and also depends on the duration and severity of illness. Close monitoring and regular follow-ups are essential for better clinical response. Few resistance patients may require ' maintenance infusion therapy' i.e. once a month infusion for a few months, many of such patients are not taking any oral medication and are well controlled on maintenance infusion. Patients of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD as it is described medically, responds very well to maintenance infusion. Maintenance infusion also works well in migraine patients, however, we don't have enough data to support the therapy in migraine prophylaxis.

Ketamine infusion is quick acting, safe (in expert hand) and well-tolerated treatment option for all such patients. 

Royal Consultancy, Bhiwandi is first Ketamine Infusion Centre in Mumbai. At our centre, we get patients from different parts of the country. Recently we had a separate session for oversea patients with excellent clinical response. 

Clinical cases 

1) Mr. M. S. 22 years, male patient a student in the reputed International Institute, academic brilliant suddenly started facing difficulties in studies and projects. The semester ranks started falling down. The patient noticed severe stress, tension, loss of interest, restlessness, fearfulness. Negative thoughts started flooding his mind, he started worrying about the future. The sadness of mood, loss of sleep and appetite, irritability were prominent features during a psychiatric interview. The patient had active suicidal thoughts and history of half-hearted attempt (by drug overdose) a few days back was given by his father. Was treated by two psychiatrists with appropriate medication, but the patient worried about side effects, so he never continued with the proper treatment regimen. He also believed in 'self-care' by meditation and other irrational therapies which he tried for three months. Was brought by his parents in very critical condition. After history and examination, Ketamine Infusion therapy was planned for him with the first two sessions on consecutive days and then every third day. Total of eight courses was given. The clinical improvement started after second injection and by the end of therapy, the patient was 70% better. Concurrently oral medicine was started in therapeutic dose which he tolerated well. By the end of 2 months patient was completely all right, resumed back his college and his academic performance improved. The oral medication was continued for six months. Currently the patient is off all the medication and is doing good.

Case (2)

Mrs. S. T., 55 years known case of psychotic depression for 10 to 12 years under regular (maintenance) medication and clinically absolutely fine, came with history of acute exacerbation of symptoms after acute family stressor. The family had also fixed elder daughter's marriage (which was to take place within one month period). With such a short span the psychiatrist advised electro convulsive therapy, which the husband and children refused. She was brought to Royal Consultancy for Ketamine  Infusion. Six infusion sessions were administered to the patient over period of 15 days. By the end of infusion therapy , the patient was 100 % better. She performed all the rituals during her daughter's wedding and no one realised that same lady was severely mentally ill, just few days back.

Like wise lot of patients are benefited from Ketamine therapy. It is breakthrough treatment for such severely disturb patients.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy in India